Come on man.... You can't let the world dictate how you feel about yourself. That's why you come on here telling everyone your adventures in the first place. Then when they shoot you down you get pissed and upset. If I'm in a lineup and some dude is going on and on about each wave he got or how bad his wipeout is, I ignore him....not because I'm an a-hole, but because it happens to everyone and I'm surfing to escape self absorbed people like that.

Little victories, Gruvi, are for you and you alone. They mean more that way. Next time, perfect the turtle roll and be proud you got out the back without being "pitted" or pinned or whatever. But nobody needs to know but you, then you can be stoked and not get knocked down. Also, the chick at the grocery store is probably some kid with a crappy summer job. You were a teenager know what it's like.

Its nice to have validation and have people tell you how great you are doing (especially in today's social climate), but no one tells a young osprey how good it flies while its learning, they master the air on their own merit. I sound all spiritual but really I weighed myself before and after taking a dump and the results are hilarious.