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    What's the deal with "UrbanSurf" ??

    If this has been brougth up I apologize...but anyway..most of the photos that are posted seem to have that "signature" silhouette of a long boarder just hanging around somewhere... at first I thought it was a real shot but after seeing the phantom surfer over and over in a bunch of other photos it's appearing more and more as a copy and paste job for sure. Anyone else notice this ? hahaha

    Go through the album and see for yourself :

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    haha...well, looks like he's not much of a surfer, he's no where near where he needs to be to catch waves.

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    Koki, You made me look at all those photo's now release me from your spell! I did indeed enjoy a few of the photos but diggity dog man I got this crazy pop up right on top of photo shop guy.

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    This seems to be the original image.

    Its just that one gallery, he didn't photshop this into every pic.