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    Kick ass! I did a solo CR mission a few years back. Truly memorable. I met some serious characters along the way. I think a few of them were hiding from the law. With nicknames like Sharky and Magic, they had to be hiding something. Congrats Yankee, hater of the year on SI.
    My first trip to Nica was 2003. After spending a few evenings tipping back beverages in the German dude's bar (long since closed) in San Juan del Sur, just months before the influx of NYT-influenced 'adventure seekers,' I came to the same realization: most of the people in that bar, you didn't want to ask what they used to do for a living in the USA. Tip it back & buy 'em another one, bruddah.

    As for my HOTY trolls clem-dome & chucka-boo-boo from the latex factory should each donate at least one pile of kindling aka their goober 'wood surfboards' to me....winter bonfires over on AI are always welcomed by the ponies.
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