It appears that our latest hope for cane swell is getting a bit dizzy and disoriented much like it's most recent predecessor. In the effort to salvage what may be one of the last chances at big time scoring during this futile cane season, we've organized the SI Swell Drive to woo the tropical wave our way.

Pledge your donation today to build up the dowry we offer this Invest! Can be anything of value to you, something that's been in the family for years, or even days. See what some SI forumites have already pledged:

Steve83: webbed gloves
KookieMonster: a dozen extra-gluten double chocolate chip cookies
zaGaffer: Radioactive Man #1 comic book
brewengineer: 6 pints of stiff homemade grog
MVsurfer: a swatch of neoprene from his 7mm wetty
PB&J: an empty 375ml bottle of Kasser's vodka
Swellinfo admin: two Get Out of SI Ban Free cards
Roy Stuart: a red Kevlar wetty with hydrophobic suede seams and sequined white racing stripes
rcarter: 8 bottles of thorazine and lithium he refuses to take
sandblasters: a modified AR15 with 6.5 mm Grendel caliber
waterbaby: rcarter's rusty shank
sonfollowerssurf: 99 Novenas
chicharronne: a bucket of fried chicken hunted with SB's modded AR15
Charles Taylor: a 24-hour chip from Alcoholics Anonymous (stolen, not earned)
DawnPatrolSUP: a bottle of super-hold Aqua Net hairspray and signed 8x10 from Chuck Liddell
Erock: a DeWalt router, his 1st Coil board, & NWA's Straight Outta Compton 12" vinyl
Gruvi: a copy of his first visa for entry to the USA and his first pinning award
NJshredmachine: 256GB iPhone 6 and a limited-edition German-engineered cold air intake
jerseyplayerforever: 10 large deposited in a Swiss bank account and his latest progress work
Bill Cosby's Nephew: nothing, since everything he has is owned by his parents
archy: full assortment of Spy Tech equipment and 6,194 liters of methylated GMOs
sisurfdogg: an eighth of dank ass Northern Lights
goosemagoo: a half-used carton of epsom salt and 14 potassium pills
BassMon: remnants of TS Andrea
Koki Barrells: a Naval Jack sponge signed by Danny McBride
fins369: promise to return to SI and post regularly
seldom seen: the husky pup in his avatar
pinkstink: credit for $19.69 to Cuffy's of Cape Cod
ClemsonSurf: a seat at the head of the table for his Thanksgiving meal next month
mitchell: a vacuum-sealed container of the rarest species of bed bugs from El Tunco
cepriano: an old school barometric chart and GPS coordinates to his most sacred secret spot
LBCrew: the priceless all-inclusive memoirs of his legendary surf life
AO/OO: a custom-shaped bonzed out woodie HPLB with beer holders and pyrotechnic launchers

I'm pledging 2 sticks from my absurdly over-abundant quiver, a 6 lesson package for Learn-to-Surf in 8-10' Windy Chop, and never to let my average daily post tally on SI reach double digits.

Braddahs, this is not the time to be stingy. Post your personal offering here and watch Invest 98L move westward! Come bearing gifts for the tropical wave and give rise to Hurricane Lorenzo!