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Thread: To some kooks.

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    To some kooks.

    I was reading a post fromsome kooks about a picture from bethany beach when I had to throw in my 2 sense. Here it is. I think the little kids just needed some schooling. //////////// Those who bodyboard, have fun. Those who surf, still have fun. Those who longboard, shortboard, ride fishes, bodyboards (dk-standup-prone), paddleboard, bodysurf, kayak, outriggers and whatever else there is to do are to be considered WATERMEN. I have seen videos of Slater and Dorian bodyboarding, bodysurfing, surfing longboard-sponges, closet doors? The bottom lines is if you are still fighting over being a bodyboarder or a surfer, you are just ten steps further behind from ever being considered water men. Check out Laird, Takayama, Dorian. These guys know how to standup-paddle, they know the essential flex of a sponge, they know how to bodysurf pipeline better then any of us on a any type of board. Word is, get a quiver and stop following the trend of a "PRO" magazine. Magazines DO NOT SHOW YOU watermen. They show you ONLY what THE INDUSTRY WANTS TO SELL YOU...and that is radical boards and very expensive clothes. ROACH-surfs! Maligs-surfs! Ever heard of a guy named C-buck...Freaking incredible watermen. Lil Jordy has pulled a sponge into the biggest Southside tubes I have ever seen and surfed point breaks on a hollow wooden fish that he shaped wih his bare hands. My quote for the year is, "Every toy in your quiver is a chance to get another wave. A chance to get another wave will require you to look further then the sticker on the back of your car!" Happy waves to all!

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    Another State of mind!

    Check out the Video Trailer on to "Another State of Mind" It speaks my peace. Great video, I recomend it for any watermen.

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    Amen to that.

    To bag on one style of riding or another just shows one's personal insecurities and ignorance IMHO. Whatever puts a smile on your face.

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    glad to see that there are more people out there with my kind of thinking.

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    Love for Mother Nature is love for Mother Nature. Everyone loves feeling humbled by the power of the ocean.

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    Thumbs up right on!

    We need ore people like you out in the water. Since localism and bodyboard vs surfer debates have plagued our beaches, sometimes it isn't just that much fun.

    No matter how crowded, one can always share the stoke...regardless of what people's just the love of the ocean...and there is always another wave. Sharing is just good karma

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    Try telling that to people in jersey

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    Kill the motor.

    I am not a local on any beach. I surf NJ all year round and I have never had a problem. If you charge, no one will get in front of you. If it is 2 foot and you are out at a popular spot, your day will suck. There are so many stinking waves in NJ that it is easy to find a spot alone, and good. If you role up to jenks and try to jocky a wave, your gonna pay. But even when it gets big, if you can paddle, you can get waves. Micah and I used to charge OCNJ on sponges and nobody ever had a problem with us. Infact, they would just dare us to go get deeper...and we would. That is a 99 percent surf town. I role out that place with a kayak when its pumping, and if I charge, no one cares. Bottom line, NJ rules. Charge, make the drop, and you could be bodysurfing in the lineup!

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    to be honest, that doesn't really sound like jersey, but some place where people are nice and everyone doesn't hate each other, really though, the first scene in MIA of jersey are two people fighting on the beach

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    not that this justifies the fight but the individual who was the recipient of the pounding had dropped in on the other gentlemen several times throughout the course of the day. Although he person administering the pounding is definitely a loose cannon and could have taken another more mature course of action.

    By the way, in the 8 years i've surfed the particular break where this fight occured, that is only the 2nd fight i have seen. So understand that fights don't occur as frequently as you might think in the garden state.