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How much time have you spent surfing IOP? Or even the Charleston area? I am out there 2-3 days every week, and have been for almost 2 years. I have been in this area off and on since 2007. Any time Folly is getting decent swell, there are a few different spots on IOP working just as well. I can openly admit that SC (and GA) is sort of the smaller wave state out of the east coast states. But to say IOP isn't worth mentioning in a conversation about Folly surfing is ignorant and inaccurate. Kiawah isn't nearly as good as Folly or IOP, but when those two islands are getting decent swell, you can still get nice rides at the park on Kiawah.
I don't disagree, unless the post is inaccurate.
i lived in kiawah for 4 years and chucktown for 2.

will you get waves? yes. crappy shin high waves for 350+ days of the year. a decent swell will roll in every now and then but you will already be in a boredom coma when it finally reaches shore. not my cup of tea, but obviously yours. to each their own.

to the op: senc is the better choice for waves. no doubt. wrightsville is cool and all but i wouldnt live there with those assholes. best finding a spot in wilmington or pleasure island. the whole wilmington area is the tits. barely crowded and there are beaches everywhere.