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    New York Long Island tomorrow

    I have time to get wet Friday but have never been in the water when it was 15 degrees out and 20 mph winds. Water is still real warm. Any advice tips words of encouragement or most likely discouragement. I usally change into my suit when i get to the beach and change outside when I'm done. I will most likely have my suit on before I get there surf a couple leave my truck on and get plastic rap for my seats for the ride home. I figure I should be pretty warm like this.

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    I don't know what you consider "real warm", but the water is in the low 40's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    I don't know what you consider "real warm", but the water is in the low 40's.
    haha! I was just going to say that! Friday is going to be big and scary in the morning, early afternoon. If you think the water is still warm you may want to shoot for dp on Saturday morning. Have fun. I do the garbage bag on seat for ride home after winter surf but I only live 8 minutes from my favorite spot.

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    My advice would be to stay home, save up your money and take a trip south! That's just so wrong to subject your balls to 40 degree water!

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    I was thinking about stopping by Long Beach on my way home from work Friday afternoon. Even though Ill have another 30min ride home from there IF I go in I'll be driving home with my suit on. I'll probably wait until Sat morning where It'll be a little warmer.

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    I've not been at it the longest but I've surfed enough in arctic temps to donate advice when asked. My offerings:
    1) have a form-fitting suit of at least 5/4 thickness
    2) keep as much of you in the water (and out of air/wind) as you can on Friday
    3) once you feel really cold, you've got 5 minutes to get out of the water and another 5 to get in your vehicle with heat; any longer than that on either and you'll be Parkinson's if not unable to contract muscles and you don't want that occurring in the water
    4) expect #3 to occur soon after you get washed out a second time or much after 60-90 minutes depending on temps and quality/thickness of your wetty
    5) once you warm up at home following a near hypo experience, you'll enjoy the best buzz of your life; no drug can compare to getting back to homeostasis after slight hypo as the body/mind seem to be self-medicating quite well with endogenous substances

    For those that want to wear the wetty home, just but cheap neoprene seat covers. They sell for 50-80$ and look fine. Leave window slightly cracked after a sesh and they'll have dried out by the time you sit back in it after getting home.

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    East swell on long island usually means arm burn times 20. I would expect to see a lot of current, possibly enough to wreck the conditions.
    as far as driving and putting suit on.... I think it would be smart to put hot water into a couple large jugs and put them into a cooler in your car. by the time you're finished they won't be hot but they will be warm enough to help with getting out of the suit and washing your feet etc. I would try to get out of the suit before the drive home if possible. might not be an option though.

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    Put your suit on at home
    Put on towel on your seat
    Rash guard or under armor under the suit actually helps
    Vaseline your face if that doesn't bother you

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    I'm about 30 to 40 minute ride to my break. Thanks for all the tips i will go check it out and if it looks good ill be hitting the water.

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    make sure you got a warm suit with no leaks/tears! also earplugs like EQSeals are a good idea