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    the waves look like sc on a good day honestly.

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    Still better than summer time in Jax (Better known as lake Atlantic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandblasters View Post
    the waves look like sc on a good day honestly.
    if you think those waves are good - and i'm not saying they're not - when you get to punta
    hermosa you are gonna think you died and went to heaven.

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    amazing dude! looks incredibly fun! you must be feeling great right now, thanks for sharing

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    Slashdog: Someones gotta feed the stoke meter! Uruguayan surf trips before international ball games ... Dude what happens if you injure yourself surfing before a match?

    Exactly: had to feed the stoke meter. Wasn't thinking about getting hurt. But, coach woulda been rippin' pissed if I had.

    As far as the babes go, Buenos Aires has some beautiful people here and there; the standouts are shocking, but not common. It's rather homogenous racially. If you can afford/tolerate the right places, it could be great, I suppose, but I feel like you get more of that Latin vibe outside of the city.

    This is spot-on accurate. Honestly, there's many places in the USA where the chicas are finer than in BA.