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    DVDs for Sale (package deal)
    $40 gets you all of them shipped. (continental U.S. shipping only)
    includes some really good ones (North Shore, Big Wednesday, Sipping Jetstreams, 180 Degrees South, Dogtown and Z-boys).


    180 Degrees South - Patagonia film. Climbing and surfing.
    North Shore – Rick Kane, Chandler, Gerry Lopez.
    Big Wednesday – This one is a classic.
    Sipping Jetstreams – Taylor Steele film.
    Laird – as in Hamilton.
    Surfing for Life – award winning documentary about old dudes (Rabbit Kekai, Woody Brown) and old ladies (Eve Fletcher) surfing.
    Fair Bits – No guarantees about scratches on this one.
    Blue Crush – not the one you’re thinking. This Blue Crush has Sanoe Lake, Lanyne Beachley, Keala Kennelly actually surfing, not acting.
    Blue Crush – This is the Hollywood movie with Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake. Not sure how this ended up in my collection.
    Roxy Learn to Surf, Now - If you don’t know how to surf, this will definitely not help you. Otherwise, highly recommended.
    Full Moon, The Right Coast Surf Video – Randazzo, Hammer, Keenan, Gesler, and others.
    Taming Alaska – “riding fresh Alaskan powder and freezing Alaskan surf, in one perfect day”.
    Dan Heritage Memorial Pro 2004 – “the hottest East Coast action ever caught on film, during the Ivan swell in Atlantic City."
    Frothing – 2007 Billabong movie starring Jordy Smith, Kolohe Andino, Sterling Spencer and more.
    Quiksilver Young Guns 1 and 2 - 2005 promotional freebies about guys who are not young anymore.
    Surfing Techniques with Tim Curran – If you want to learn how to surf better, don’t watch this. Spend more time in the water actually surfing.
    Double Down – Andy, Mick, Jamie and others drinking redbull and playing cards on a boat trip in and around Fiji.


    DC Mtn.Lab – 2005 DC movie about DC team park riding at Ken Blocks house in Utah.
    In Short (2007 David Benedek Film) - this one is not your typical snowboard movie, one of my favorites.
    Riding for a Living (Nitro Team Movie) - very short typical team movie
    Right or Wrong – The Burton Snowboards movie from about five years ago.
    Daily Chores – K2 Snowboarding team movie from 07-08.
    The Airblaster Movie, You Can Enjoy – This is one of my favorites too. Some sweet east coast resort riding and more.
    Time Flies – Salomon, Bonfire movie.


    Dogtown and Z-boys – Documentary that if you haven’t seen, you should.

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    Bro if you fly a banner for DVD sales you're much more apt to close the deal. Talk to Sunil Kumar Roy.