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Thread: rash prevention

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    I get it when I havnt surfed in a while it seems. When I surf for a few days it will go away it seems like. Other wise I just suck it the **** up. Most ill do is throw on a cotton t shirt if I feel like I'll get surf burnt but that only happens in the beginning of summer after the wetsuit comes off.

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    yeah like everyone is saying, get a pair of underarmor shorts to wear under your boardies. I wear em under my wetsuits too since they don't ride up like boxers do. as for your stomach/chest grab t-shirt or rash guard. you can try jelly belly, but you'll just slide off your board. other than that it's surf as much as possible, deal with the pain and over time your skin with grow accustomed too it

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    Toughen up and rub some goddam dirt on it. Seriously though, I go through the same thing every year when it warms up. I just fight through until my body toughens up. I use rash guards to protect from the sun, after a half dozen or so sessions, my body adjusts.

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    sorry... I get told that...
    I believe that.

    Put you & zdrescher in a room & the non-stop chattering could make old women envious.

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    rash guard for your chest and arms.
    it also does double duty to keep the sun off your back. getting little sections of cancer cut out of your back will make you wish you always wore a rash guard.