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    Information on new surfboard materials

    We all know that since the closing of Clark Foam, along with other causes has caused many people to try to make surfboards out of different and new materials. I'm hoping that some of you guys know of some sources of information about these new materials.

    I have to do some research for class, so I need some real info. The more in depth the better. I'm obviously going to look myself, but I would love it if you guys could help me out with some sources that you may already know.

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    Yeah man,
    Go to Green Room surf-shop and talk to them about the new technologies they are using. They use a completely different bonding technology for their epoxy boards than all the other manufacturers that is stronger, lighter, and specifically made for them. I was talking to the guy a while ago and what he had to say was pretty intersting and definitely would help you out with your research. Plus, it's a local shaper. Hope that helps.