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Thread: next saturday

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    Feb 2009

    next saturday

    what do u think about the 1 to 3 feet ovrhead in nags head saturday?
    i know its a week out but still.

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    Virginia Beach
    swell is still a week out... don't count your chickens before they hatch

    seriously though... Don't make threads like this, cause 99% of the time someone hypes a swell in here, it ends up being a sub par.

    Your pretty much jinxing it right now.. hahahaha

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    Jinxed, it will be 1-2 ft onshore by end of week....haha

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    It will be as good as you make it.

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    Hype...... I wish these forecasts didnt exist till 2 days prior. There is too much info. It really makes us all crazy. At least me. They are getting a lot more accurate. Uh oh.

    The suprise sessions are always better.... Lower standards= more potential fun.

    When i was younger, there was nothing like showing up at the same time all summer and sometimes being greeted with aqua colored glassy summer lines.

    But most people dont have the liberty to be on it checking it all the time. It really does help commuters make plans... and score



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    how many threads like this are there going to be?

    "next tuesday"
    "six mondays from now"

    come on

    maybe there should be a section where you can discuss forecasting and upcoming swells.