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Thread: 5x5x19.25 REDUX

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    5x5x19.25 REDUX

    Just picked up the remastered lost 5 5 19 n a quarter vid. n absolutely insane!!!!!!!!! thoughts, feelings, questions?? if you havent seen it get a copy. been lopping non stop on my living room tv for about ha week hahahhahhaha. favorite clip is def mason ho on his 5 3 lost fish, twin with trailer fin. like i said INSANEE.

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    One of my favorite flicks, sick surfing the entire movie. Chris Ward is a freak.

    But yea, it def gets me pumped before a session and make you want to go out and try new things.

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    Dude, I feel ya. Thats probably one of my favorite movies by far. The scenes with Mason Ho, Gorkin, Cory Lopez, Ryan Carlson at HB, and Jordy Smith are the best, even if its like half the movie. Not to mention that left at the end. Killer wave.

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    mason ho kills it in this movie, by far has some of the best waves. This movie gets me pumped to surf small fun waves on little boards. and that wave at skeleton bay, wtf?!?!?!? By the way has anyone seen the new T.Campbell movie The Present? Also a great movie. Check it out.