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    Best spot to start..

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a good spot to begin surfing in the RI area as I live in CT. I want to stay away from areas that are populated obviously because i'm new. The only areas I know about are popular places for people that already surf...

    any help would be much appriciated..

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    sea girt nj/ providence ri

    If you're from CT it's probably best just to start off in the crowded RI spots, ie narragansett. Other spots in RI can be tough for starters and tend to have a lot of localism. I would go to 'ganset early in the morning tends to be not as crowded as later. I get out right around 6am-7ish and have a pretty good sets for awhile though volume does increase as it gets later. As long a you're a pleasent fellow and respect the local guys who know whats up, it'll be all good. See you out there


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    go buy a map/atlas look up beaches and go explorer!!!! Best part of surfing is finding the spots yourself!!!! .....bring a friend to help split gas!!!!