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  1. Patience Premiere in your town tomorrow night!!!

    Patience premiere tomorrow night at the party block in ocmd. The doors open at 830 and the show starts at 930!! Half price booze and ballyhoo! on stage!!! let me know if you can make and well do some shots.

    thursday night Patience premiere at liquid surf shop in DE. Starts around 8. outside on the big screen. BYOB!!!!

    let me know if you are planning on making any of these


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    definetly the party block tommorow night.

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    Can't wait for tomorrow night! Should be a good turnout @ the party block.

    Chaz....let's do some shots!

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    im there...siked for the movie to finally be released and for the party that will certainly follow...ballyhoo is sick too def everybody come and check it out

    ps...drew you couldnt handle more than one shot without getting kicked outta the bar so watch yourself we've got a reputation to uphold haha jk brother

  5. yeah boys its going to be sick. half price everything is amazing. get there around 9 to get some drinks before it starts. spread the word!


  6. 930 tonight!!!!! be there.

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    Im a bodyboarder but the trailer looked sick!

  8. Thanks for everyone coming out the Party Block last night. Its was amazing!

    Tonight at LIQUID in DE!!! 8pm followed by a huge sale!!! come in and hang out.


  9. Thank you!!!! the past two Patience premieres were insane. Thanks to everyone for coming out!!!


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    Vid was sick wish i would have done the party black one though.