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Thread: Wb?

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    i am sorry little mike, but u have been out done by z-unit, please no more snap backs from u, mike, or i will be forced to get involved that only men with ***** can understand.

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    z unit i just thought i would warn u again of what u have done and i will get u back when i have time.

    PS your screwd u F U C K bag

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    whats a F U C K bag?

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    ZACK run run run he is going to screw with a comeback and anally. Mike, post it on here when you get it done please.hahahahahahahahqah run Zack

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    yak yak yak yak so funny and the whole thing is the truth mike when u getting married?

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    mike when u getting married?
    June the 5th is the date ive been hearing.

    michael wheres that comeback youe been bull****ting about

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    Hey my name is will clark and I love men!!!

  10. Kook fight