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    Black Friday Sales

    Anyone know of any good online black friday sales for surf stuff?

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    Yeah, it's a pretty gay post.

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    no its not
    i was gonna post the same thing until i saw yours, and I've been refreshing my browser like every couple minutes (I'm not desperate or anything...)

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    hahahahahaha yess.

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    well, i know is gonna have some deals. they have hyperflex, bodyglove, and aleeda wetsuits. And they have other stuff to, check out the website.

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    chauncey surf shop is having some good deals on things

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    Woodys is having one I made a post about it before I saw this thread

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    i heard the local pac sun is having 40% off everything in the store. although, its not the most core shop, i plan to pick up some crucial tees and thermals for cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtythirty34 View Post
    chauncey surf shop is having some good deals on things
    Just don't unfold their T-Shirts, Chauncey himself will yell at you like a little girl.

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    Degree 33 ( )should be having a board sale on the weekend. Last year the discount off was almost equal to the cost of shipping a board to the east coast.